• Independent agency, Montclair Insurance Group, continues to grow through personal service and solid relationships with clients. Owners of local family and cosmetic dental practice, Corpuz Family Dentistry, have enjoyed the benefits of partnering with the independent insurance group for their business needs, as well as their family needs. “They are not sales people, but are most interested in making sure we have the appropriate insurance to meet our needs as well as adjusting our policies to save us money,” said Susan Corpuz. “What we most appreciate about Kevin Capece and his group, is they are available to answer any questions we may have in a timely manner.” What we most appreciate about Kevin Capece and his group, is they are

  • With so many insurance agencies available to choose from, it’s difficult to determine which one to choose. How is one better than the other? Is pricing all the same to keep them competitive or do you need to get quotes from every single brand to make sure you’re getting the best coverage and the best price? Is coverage standard across brands or do you need to read all the fine print? It can be a daunting task to approach any insurance agent but to have to approach multiple agents to ensure you’re getting the best deal can make a person want to avoid it altogether. Alas, insurance isn’t an option. It’s a necessity, so we can’t avoid it. But, there

  • Kevin Capece grew up eating a lot of pizza from Don Carmelo’s – the original one on 32nd & Farnam – since he grew up very nearby. It was the hot spot during his childhood and with family from New York, their pepperoni and sausage pizza was simply part of life. Outside of the childhood treasure Don Carmelo’s is for Kevin, he has an appreciation for several other pizza joints around town that fit his “top” list for varied and good reasons. Take Mama’s Pizza for instance. Kevin, and his wife, are from Cathedral High School and Mama’s Pizza was the place to be. Their friends would meet up and gather at Mama’s to enjoy great pizza and creating even

  • In today’s fast-paced world, many are striving to slow things down a bit and focus once again on meaningful connections. While technology is evolving and moving at the speed of light, people are realizing they still value a personal touch when it comes to services and products. With many large scale insurance companies providing online service that allows the customer to login, complete a few forms, get a fast quote and almost instantaneously bind coverage it’s easy to see why the independent agencies are not front of mind. But they should be, and here’s why. Montclair’s agents have access to many different insurance companies and their products. When you, a unique individual, walk into their office, you are treated like

  • Summertime is almost here, which means the kids will be out of school and summer vacation plans will be falling into place. Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but it is important to remember that summer can also be one of the riskiest travel times of the year. It’s important that you not only arrive to your destination safely, but that you stay aware during your entire trip so you and your family can stay safe as well as avoid any scams or mishaps. We wanted to provide you with some summer travel safety tips to ensure that your summer travels run smoothly and are as enjoyable as possible! Research Your Destination Before you make any set travel

  • Planning for your family's financial security for the time you are no longer around to provide for them is not always a pleasant task. Making sure you have a will that outlines your wishes and divides your assets is important in protecting your family, loved ones, and other individuals and organizations who rely on your finances. Life insurance is also an important part of estate planning. So what should you consider in protecting your family's financial security and in ensuring that your estate is settled exactly as you wish? Essentially, there are three areas to consider in preparing your estate: life insurance, advance directives, and a will. Each of these covers important and essential areas of estate planning and will