As an independent agency,
​we focus on your needs

Independent agents enjoy the freedom to work with multiple insurance companies. This means you have access to a diverse selection of coverages and we help you choose the right coverage at the best price. Service doesn’t stop when the office is closed. We are your neighborhood insurance agency, on standby 24/7 to assist with claims and questions.​

We’re family people. 

Protecting your most important assets is an important step in creating a solid personal financial plan. The right insurance policies will go a long way toward helping you safeguard your earning power, your possessions, and your family.

Protection for your most important assets: your family. With the many life insurance options available, we will help you determine the one best for your family and your circumstances.

Stay Mobile. Our access to multiple carriers will result in complete coverage for your autos, motorcycles, and boats.

Homeowners insurance. We offer sound resources for comprehensive protection of your home and property.

Business & Commercial Insurance. You worked hard to build your business. Let us help you protect it through policies appropriate for your type and scope of business.